September 20, 2013

Now Introducing iOS 7!

On Wednesday, September 23rd Apple released the newest version of its operating system, iOS 7! This new operating system brings a bold new look to the Apple World as well as many changes.

See how the default icons have changed, such as Calendar, Contacts, Clock and Safari.

Besides the new look, our students will notice many changes as they use their iPads. Below is highlighted the top five major differences our students will notice.

Spotlight Search
You can now access the Spotlight Search on any page of applications simply by using one finger to pull down. The search box will show at the top of the screen.

A double tap of the home button continues to allow you to see applications that are open on your device as well as quickly switch between them.  However, now you will see a preview of the app as it was when you left it. In order to close the app, you will need to do a quick swipe up.

If you are using Safari as your browser, you will now notice that the web address bar is now also your search bar. 


The camera now has a different appearance as well as offers both a normal photo view as well as a square one. (On the iPhone you have other options as well such as panoramic.) When you access the Camera Roll you will notice many differences. You are now able to edit a photo right in the camera roll by simply selecting your photo and then clicking edit in the upper right hand corner. You will then be given the options to rotate, enhance, crop, correct red-eye, and/or apply one of eight filters.

Control Center

Your students will quickly find this and most likely by accident. By swiping up on the docking station at the bottom of your iPad screen, you can bring up the Control Center. The Control Center allows you to quickly access many useful tools such as the camera, a timer, your volume control, brightness of your screen, lock rotation and many more.

There are many more changes to the new iOS 7.  If you would like to learn more about those changes, you can visit : Tech Crunch