October 16, 2013

Saving Photos & Videos on Google Drive

Now that iPads are used more and more for media at MMSD, the most widely asked follow-up question is "Where do I put photos and videos now?"  Emailing photos can be done only four at a time and the HD videos taken on the iPad are much too large to send this way.  There's no USB connector to put them on a flash drive and not all of us have Macs or carts to plug our iPads into.  Google Drive is the perfect solution to this problem.

MMSD is a "Google Apps for Education" district.  We use GAfE to manage our email, calendars, and files, and it has a multitude of other educational applications as well.  Google Drive can be treated like the J: drive on your computer.   The difference is that individual files can be shared with whomever you specify and it can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.

You can upload photos and video directly to Google Drive using the following directions. If you are looking to upload other file types to Google Drive, such as Pages or Keynote, then click here:

Here's how to get photos and videos off of your iPad 

1.  Open the Google Drive App:  

2.  Enter your email address, but not the password.  This will force it over to the district log in page.

Now log in normally.

3.  Once you are in, look at the top right of your screen.  You should see a "+" sign.  Tap on this symbol.

4. Now open your Camera Roll and tap on each photo or video you'd like to upload.  Tap on the Blue Checkmark when you're done to initiate the upload.

5.  You can see the upload progress by choosing the UPLOAD icon on the left hand side of your screen.

6.  On the completed files, you will see a tiny icon with the letter "i".  Tap on this icon to change the name, sharing or privacy settings for this file.

7.  Now, you can share it, rename it, trash it, move it to a folder, or copy the link for use elsewhere.

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