July 02, 2013

Educreations Log In with Student Gmail Account

When Educreations sent out an email listing its new update to version 1.4, I was close to deleting it.  I had already heard about the new tool on Twitter and didn't think I needed to read it.  However, I noticed something else that may be of great value to MMSD iPad teachers wishing to avoid creating yet another student account:  Students can now log in with their school Gmail accounts.  

Why is this important? 

Being able to log in will allow students to keep their recordings online, and then the recordings can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.  Using the generic "not-logged-in" version of the application limits the recording to stay on the iPad, but it can't be saved elsewhere unless the creator has an account.  Logging in with the student's Gmail account is a way to bypass this and save the student's recordings off of the iPad.

On the iPad

If the account is not logged in, a student can log in by creating a recording and pressing "SAVE".  Following the prompts through the save process will be a log in screen with an option to log in with Google.

Tapping on this button will give you a Google log in screen.

However, the way MMSD students and staff log in is different.  We can force the log in screen to go to the MMSD domain by typing in the district email address and pressing SIGN IN, without the password.  The next screen will look like this:

Once you're logged in, you can now save your Educreations in this account and access it anywhere, iPad or PC, as long as you continue to log in with this account.

On The PC

If you are not using Educreations on an iPad, you can still go to the site to create new recordings or see the recordings you made elsewhere.  Go to http://www.educreations.com and choose to log in with Google.  The process will be the same as the iPad.  

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