February 22, 2013

Recording with Educreations on PCs and iPads

Whether you are using a Promethean Board, SMART Board, computer, iPad, or webstation, you have a way to record your notes, student responses, or "flipped" classroom demonstrations using Educreations.

What's great about Educreations is that you can save the lesson you gave to students who were present, and make the lesson available again for absent students or for those who need to come back to it later.

Educreations is web-based, which means any computer with an internet connection can access it.  MMSD iPads have this app installed already.  If you have created an account, you can save all of your recordings and share them with a link.
   *  Send the link to students via email.
   *  Send the link to parents to show a lesson your student recorded.
   *  Save the links to student work in a portfolio to demonstrate student progress.
   *  You can take this one step further by generating a QR code for access on smart devices, such as the iPad, smart phone or any other tablet with wireless access.

Being able to save this work digitally opens up options for issues that have limited teachers in the past, such as assessment or differentiation.

Recordings can be stopped and started again at any time. When recording a lesson on Educreations while teaching in the classroom, you'll need a microphone.  Usually a headset with a mic connector is good enough.  Computers and most interactive whiteboards have microphone and speaker capabilities if you have a head set.  Smart devices have a built-in microphone.

Most boards have ports for these connectors.
Because of the limit in cord length, you can buy an extension cord for it.

Prices for these range from $4.00 to $20.00
On iPads, drawing with your finger to illustrate ideas is why Educreations works well for students recording their work.  However, as a teacher, preparing a lesson or using a data projector, drawing with a mouse connected to a PC is difficult.   You can work around this if  you have an interactive whiteboard.

SMART Boards or a Promethean boards allow interaction with websites.  So, drawing on the board with your finger (SMART Board) or a pen (Promethean) will give you the same results as drawing on an iPad with your finger.  Connect a headset mic to the board and you have a recording device for your lessons or for recording student work.

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