June 20, 2013

Creating a Google Form Icon on the Home Screen of Your iPad

I got a request recently for a way to collect student feedback without having to download an app.  The way I concocted (though there are many other ways to do this) involves using a Google Form and saving the link to the home screen of the iPad.  That way, the students tap on it as they would an app, and will be taken to the form to fill out.

Google's form creation interface has changed in the last week.  When you create a form now, you are given a new way to add and edit questions, though creating the form is the same.

1.  Log in to your district Gmail and go to Google Drive.

2.  Click CREATE and choose FORM.


3.  Check the box labeled "AUTOMATICALLY COLLECT RESPONDENT'S MADISON METROPOLITAN SCHOOL DISTRICT USERNAME." This way, you'll see when the student sent the response.

4.  Next, fill in the text boxes and create your questions.  Add a new item if additional questions are needed.  When you're done, choose SEND FORM.  You will be given a link to copy, which you can send to your students or post as a QR code (click here to see the How To). 

Click VIEW and choose LIVE FORM.  This is what the students will see. 

Once the students fill out the form, you can see the responses in a separate spreadsheet in your Google Drive. 

You can use this form as many times as you wish. 

You can send the link to the students' email, or post a QR code which will take the students to the link.  Students can then create an object on the home screen of the iPad.

1.  On the iPad, have students open the link you sent them, or have them scan the QR code you posted.
2.  Tap on the SHARE icon and choose ADD TO HOMESCREEN.

 3.  Give it a name and choose ADD.  Now the link is on the home screen.


You can use this form as often as you want.  Each time a student fills it out, the timestamp and student's name will be saved in the spreadsheet.

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