January 28, 2013

Digital Storytelling

I came across this article about digital storytelling that helped me view an interesting way to help children develop communication skills.  If you are not familiar with digital storytelling, the idea is that stories are created by the students and told while using digital media (images, voice recordings, video) to depict their stories.  Digital storytelling is done in many different countries (the article shows a group of students working on a project in Croatia) and can be shared electronically just about anywhere.

Digital Storytelling Article

The take away from the article is that the process of using digital storytelling helps children develop much needed communication skills, especially for vulnerable and special needs children.  It briefly described how this has been applied to special needs learners in Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Mexico and Brazil.  

Digital storytelling ranks high on the SAMR model where we visualize the transformational way we can use iPads to help students engage enough to develop important skills in both in 21st century technology and in communication. 

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