September 28, 2012

Free iTunes Book: iPads In Education -- The Essential Guide

NOTE:  This book can be read only with iBooks.
iTunes is a great resource for students, but is also a deep well of information for teachers.  It's immediately available on the iPad and the MacBook, but can be downloaded and accessed on PCs as well.  Usually, the media you download will say what the system requirements are to view the media.  Sometimes you can listen to podcasts on anything that can play an MP3.  Some written publications can be read only on an iPad.  Knowing what you need to consume the media will help prevent frustration in the future.

What I like the most about iTunes is, of course, what one can get for free.  One free book I found is called "iPads In Education -- The Essential Guide" by Yasin Soliman.  This book is designed for teachers, with strategies, lesson plans, methods, apps and more.  It's a VERY quick read, laid out simply,  meant for teachers just starting out using the iPad in their classrooms.  Other books by this author include "Integrating iPads in the Classroom" and "Twitter in Education."

September 27, 2012

Creating a PDF from a Webpage on the iPad

  1. [Tap the + (add) icon in the Safari, tap “Add Bookmark”, Choose “Bookmarks Bar”, then click “Save”.]

September 25, 2012

Sample iPad User Agreements

Establishing expectations is ESSENTIAL when introducing a new technology, especially if the technology is made of glass.   Despite the fragile nature of the iPad, we still want our students to use them as much as possible.  To help students take ownership and agree to help protect the technology, Sennett Middle School has shared a group of rules for you to use as you would like.

The "iPad Rules" have also been translated into Spanish and Hmong.


(Many thanks to Mackenzie Douglas for sharing.)