June 07, 2013

Using Images and Video of Students

I was sent an email detailing the teacher's attention to using student images and video on the growing list of computer, web, and iPad applications that allow this sort of thing.
I am in the process of clearing the 75 kids or so, off the Sennett Photo Withheld list. We have a record number of students on it this year--and some may be in your classes. Please be careful in posting student pictures on websites like Edmodo, etc without verifying that your students CAN have work/photos submitted.  There are many that are also on other Information Withholding lists, I only clear kids names off the photo list.

This is very important.  This is very, very important.

Ensure that all students have permission to post images and video if doing so happens to be part of your instruction with iPads, websites, blogs or otherwise.   Some schools can get a list from their secretaries, some teachers look them up themselves.  If there are any questions, email jrwelborn@madison.k12.wi.us

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