October 01, 2012

Need iPad Accessories for Your Classroom?

Many have requested information about accessories and consumables that do not come as standard issue with the iPad carts: microfiber cloths, earphones, and a stylus for those who prefer to use a pen-type instrument on their screen.  Below is a bit of research I did for those who may be interested in buying some with their building money.

          Pkg of 12 Amazon.com for $8.34         
          Pack of 6 from MCM Electronics for $6.99


NOTE: For sanitary reasons, I do not recommend in-ear buds unless the students will be keeping them
          (if students are keeping them) In-ear earbuds ~$1.40 ea    
          (if students are sharing) Over-ear headphones for ~$0.90 ea
          (if students are sharing) On-ear headphones for ~$1.20


          Pack of 14 from Amazon.com for $13.99 (9 long, 5 short)     
          Pack of 3 from Amazon.com for $0.96

Leave a comment below if you find great deals to share with our iPad educators.

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