June 10, 2013

Lesson Ideas: Poetry Podcasting

While searching for videos of teaching practices on the Teaching Channel, I found this interesting lesson idea on podcasting.  The lesson can be implemented with the iPad using Garage Band, or on another voice recording app you may be more comfortable using.  On this page are resources (lesson plans, transcripts) that can be downloaded to implement this lesson.


Grades 4-8, ELA, Technology
Common Core Standards: ELA.RL.6.4 ELA.RL.6.7 ELA.SL.6.5

Questions to Consider

  • How do the "guiding reflection questions" support students' thinking?
  • What skills are students practicing as they create their podcast?
  • How did the class blog contribute to collaboration among students?
  • What assessment would YOU use to prove the student mastered the learning objective?
If you have a lesson you want to share, add it below!  Others in the district may find it fun to do in their own classrooms.

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