December 13, 2012

Grant Opportunities

Last spring, a number of teacher teams submitted grant applications for the district-wide distribution of a very limited number of iPads.  Since these applications are already written, why not use the information on them to submit to other organizations that provide technology funding?

I did some digging and found an assortment of organizations that provide grants.   When applying, consider the most useful advice I've ever heard regarding technology grants:  One of the best ways to find a grant for an iPad is not to look for a grant to buy them specifically, but instead look for grants that have goals you can meet with iPad technology.  For example, if you want to use iPads to improve Literacy, look for a grant that provides funding for a literacy goal that you think iPads can achieve, as long as you can visualize HOW the iPads can/will help.   Though the grant may not mention iPads at all, it may fund the technology means to achieve the overall goal.


Grant Opportunities and Suggestions:
Jenny's Grant Template used for Chicago's Public School's district initiative (like the one MMSD did, and the one we modeled our initiative after):
Get funding custom search
Bank of America Organization:
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:

Happy hunting!

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