October 17, 2012

BYOD School Districts

Have you ever heard of BYOD at school?  "Bring Your Own Devices" programs allow students to bring technology they have at home or on their person into the classroom to enhance their learning: Laptops, tablets, smartphones, kindles.  This list is ever-expanding and will continue to be so as technology changes.

The conversation has come up quite a bit.  Should we or shouldn't we let students use the technology they already own in the classroom?  On one hand, this would empower students to expand the use of technology to an even fuller potential than checking Facebook or downloading apps that make a rude noise when the phone is shaken. On the other hand, not every student owns such devices, or the devices students bring to school run the risk of being stolen or broken.  While looking for an NPR article on the subject of one school in New Hampshire that did something like this, I came across this more comprehensive piece on schools across the country that have tried a BYOD program.  The following article briefly describes the trials and successes of implementing these types of programs.

Ten Schools Using BYOD   http://edudemic.com/2012/08/byod-classrooms/
NPR Article on BYOD in NH:   http://goo.gl/jPo6T

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